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Why get a PPC campaign?


Of consumers who click on an advertiser's Google Search ad prior to visiting a store are more likely to buy something in-store, on average.


of paid clicks are from mobile devices.


On average, 41% of clicks go to the top 3 paid ads on the search results page.

The Benefits of PPC

PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising has many advantages over SEO and other marketing channels. It allows you to reach your target customers where they are and tailor ads to those in different stages of the sales funnel.

While ideally you should be utilising all of the marketing channels relevant to you, PPC allows you to be seen online instantly. You are able to tailor it to your budget and have the flexibility to up or lower your spend at any time. For example you may want to invest twice as much during Valentine’s Day or Black Friday and reduce your spend when the weather forecast is poor. Some other benefits to using PPC:

  • See immediate results
  • Reach a large audience
  • Be highly selective in whom to show
  • your ads
  • Measure performance
  • Budget control
  • Testing ads

Our PPC Services


We give your campaigns an audit to make sure everything is working as it should be, PPC campaigns can suffer if not applied correctly. Are you targeting the best placements or utilising your negative keywords efficiently? Get an Audit and see how you can optimise your campaign.

Initial Setup

Want to start a PPC campaign? We can get you set up to take advantage of this powerful marketing tool. We do the research and get your campaign started on the right foot!

Management Services

Get the most out of your campaign with Avid Panda, we will use our expertise to optimise your results and take the work off your hands. We keep our work transparent with easy to read reports that show how your campaigns are performing.

Get set up the right way

Once you are set on starting a PPC campaign you will need to decide which platforms you wish to bid on. Avid Panda can help you analyse your customers and identify the platforms that they use. The big platforms to bid on are:
  • Google
  • Bing
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
There are more, but these are the most popular with Google being the first that most people think of. Almost all marketing campaigns can benefit from bidding on the Google Adwords Management platform, but what about the others? Suppose you are B2C selling trendy trainers to millennials. Facebook and Twitter would definitely be a good option after all, they are the most active demographic on social media. Now imagine that you are B2B selling unique branded chocolate wholesale. Sure your target audience will be on Facebook but the chances are they will not be interested in your ads after they have finished work and whilst reading Lad Bible. In this case, LinkedIn would be a much better choice as you are reaching them at the time they are most receptive to B2B ads.

Google Ads Management

Whether you are managing your PPC in-house and looking to expand with professional help, thinking about moving from your current provider or new to PPC altogether, Avid Panda is your ideal Google Adwords Consultant. Let us take care of it so that you can spend more time on your business.

Keyword Research

We do extensive keyword research and continually optimise your lists. Maintaining negative keywords, exact match, phrase match, modified broad, we take care of it all.

Google Analytics

An essential tool for PPC. We want to know the behaviour of your PPC customers so we can further optimise your campaign.

PPC Ad Copywriting

Copywriting is an art and we love every minute of it. We optimise your copy for the customer, qualifying them whilst maintaining a healthy Quality Score which lowers your Cost Per Click (CPC).

Sound Strategy

Your goals. Your message. A PPC strategy tailored for you.

Powerful Ad Extensions

Ad extensions are always being augmented and improved. They extend your accessibility, make you stand out from the competition and secure more of the valuable ad space.

Customer Tracking

From Adwords conversion tracking to Google Analytics behaviour analysis. We set up your PPC tracking the right way so your data doesn’t miss a beat.

PPC Optimisation

Better conversions, lower cost per acquisition, better coverage. We continually optimise your campaigns.

Visual Reporting

Our visual reports give you the information you need without giving you a case of analysis paralysis.

Fast Results

PPC doesn’t need time to be effective like SEO or social media. From the very first day your PPC campaign is running you can be seen by your target audience. If your website is converting well you can expect to see results from day one. For businesses that do not have much online visibility, PPC is a useful marketing channel to test the effectiveness of your website. When done correctly, the traffic you send from PPC is qualified before it reaches your website. This means that those customers driven to your business via PPC advertising are the ideal sample for identifying inefficiencies with your website.

You are paying for the traffic, not the ad space

You only pay when someone clicks on your ad. When your ad is clicked the customer goes to your website landing page, where they are introduced to your product or service. Think of all the times your ad is not clicked as free advertising, raising your brand awareness.

Advertising you can control

With PPC you have the control to target customers more accurately than with traditional advertising. You have the added benefit of being able to track their progress as they work towards a purchase. PPC is in real-time meaning you can pause or adjust your ad spend at any moment. This level of control gives you more for your money.

Conversion Tracking

A conversion is a sale, a form submission, or anything else that you value. It is one of the most important metrics to monitor when assessing the success of a campaign. We can measure and track every conversion so that we never lose sight of your bottom line.

Is PPC right for me?

The top spots in organic search results have never been more competitive. Depending on your industry and niche, it could take a long time to achieve top ranking positions. PPC advertising gives you a lot more confidence that you will reach people in your target audience, at the exact moment they are looking for your products and services. Some other reasons to invest in PPC: You don’t wish to invest in SEO (and we recommend you do)
  • You already have an SEO campaign and would like to take advantage of the ad space as well
  • You have additional spend in your marketing budget you would like to use
  • You wish to take advantage of remarketing lists
Some signs that PPC may not be ideal for you:
  • You don’t have a monthly budget in any amount
  • Your customers do not look for your product or service on the internet
  • You don’t have a finished and functional website
  • Your website is not mobile friendly

Answers to Your Questions

What is RLSA?

RLSA is an acronym for Remarketing Lists for Search Advertising. Using RLSA we can tailor your search advertisements to potential customers that have already been active on your website. This audience is more qualified and valuable as people who have already viewed your products and services are more likely to convert to a sale.

How can we leverage RLSA?

Remarketing is powerful. We can do all sorts of imaginative and clever things to drive more paying customers to your business. Imagine being able to show an ad to someone who has browsed your service page for more than a minute, who has strong interests in technology, is searching on Google Chrome, abandoned your shopping cart, all between the hours of two and three in the afternoon. You can get even more specific than that. With a solid marketing strategy we can maximise conversions and cost per acquisition.

What is PPC and how does it work?

When a customer searches on Google, they see adverts placed above and below the search results that are specific to the thing they are searching for. You can pick out the ads from normal search results by the little green box labelled ‘ad’. By putting your business in that ad space you can be sure you are advertising at that crucial moment when a customer is looking for what you have to offer. You only pay when someone actually clicks on your ad, which will take them to your website or start a phone call.

Can’t I just make my own PPC campaign in-house?

Of course you can, anyone can set up a Google Adwords Account and get an ad up and running. However, it is unlikely to be as successful as one managed by an experienced professional. Building a high quality and effective campaign is not a simple task. Avid Panda PPC is the ideal solution for SMEs who want to focus on what they do best, running their business.

Writing effective ad copy

With a small amount of characters available per ad, the copy is more important than ever. You have just a few heartbeats to grab the customer’s attention or they will look right past your ad. You need creativity, industry knowledge and an understanding of your target audience to write effective copy. Avid Panda has it all, but we don’t just leave it to chance. We test all of our copy and use it in our optimisation process to continually improve your PPC campaign and ROI. 

Getting to grips with your business

We take the time to research your industry and talk to you about your business. It is a bit of a cliche these days but a necessary one. If your provider doesn’t know your business then false assumptions can lead to poor performance and in the worst case, even damage your brand.

Transparency & reporting

Avid Panda strives to be as transparent as possible. We don’t shy away from questions and we don’t mislead our clients. You will always have access and ownership of your account and the campaigns and data will stay yours, regardless of your relationship with us. Our reporting is tailored to your needs focusing on the key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that matter to you. We believe reporting should be easy to digest, visual and not require a data analyst to decrypt.

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